Colors app

Comps for an as of yet unreleased iOS app which allows users to collect, organize, share, and export colors and color palettes.

With these designs I wanted a more painterly and organic feel to the UI. This is an app for creatives and the process of choosing colors can be a moment of inspiration; I didn't want that moment and vibe to be dulled by the typical dry app experience. The colors are presented as if on a physical palette, and animations present color as if pouring across the screen. Still, this is an app made to support the creative process, so care was taken to make creating and sharing palettes and colors efficient.

iOS app screenshot - color palette details screen
This screen is a detail view of an individual color palette a user has created. When a user taps on an individual color, the color flows upwards, as if it were paint, to fill the top portion of the screen. Users can quickly color color and hex values by tapping on those displays. Below that is a list of dynamically created color palettes based on different color theory schemes, which users can quickly save as a new palette. Finally, at the bottom are several action buttons which allow users to modify, share, export, favorite, etc.
iOS app screenshot - color palette details screen
A color palette representation that can be presented in a list. The colors are represented using squircles instead of pure circles in order to give them a soft, painted, more natural feel.
iOS app screenshot - color capture screen
On this screen the user can capture and save colors using the camera, with a focus on efficiency. If the user drags a captured color (represented at the bottom of screen), a recent palettes list slides up and can be dropped onto one. Users can also save the captured colors to their own palette.